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    Please follow these rules here:

    1. No off topic discussion. All discussion should be related to the financial accounting course on accounting compendium.

    2. Links to external websites are acceptable as long as they are on topic and not spam.

    3. Do not engage in flaming or personally attacking any person posting here.

    4. Never disclose your personal information. You may only disclose your personal e-mail, first name, last name and a non-specific location. Never post your personal address, phone number or any other such information. Never post anyone else’s personal information.

    5. Never post personal threats. Personal threats will be taken seriously.

    6. Never post copyrighted material unless you properly cite the source of the information.

    7. Requesting homework help is permitted (even if you are taking a classroom based class unrelated to the accounting compendium course).

    8. Everything you post must be relevant to the discussion and should improve the overall discussion.

    Any abuse of these rules will result to disabling access to the forum. Serious violations will result in deletion of your account and IP ban.

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