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Financial Accounting
*Note: In order to successfully master this course, you must master all 4 comprehensive exams, master the final exam, correctly answer all practice problem questions for each chapter and master each chapter's skills quiz.
Mastered Chapter Mastered all Practice Problems Mastered Quiz Chapter
Chapter 1: Introduction to Financial Accounting
Chapter 2: Fundamental Accounting Principles
Chapter 3: Accrual Accounting Principles
Chapter 4: Preparing Financial Statements
Chapter 5: Current Assets and Revenue Recognition
Chapter 6: Long-Term Assets
Chapter 7: Merchandising Businesses
Chapter 8: Inventory Accounting
Chapter 9: Marketable Securities
Chapter 10: Current Liabilities and Contingent Liabilities
Chapter 11: Time Value of Money
Chapter 12: Long-Term Liabilities
Chapter 13: Accounting for Intangible Assets
Chapter 14: Accounting for Leases
Chapter 15: Stockholder's Equity
Chapter 16: Statement of Cash flows
Chapter 17: Accounting for Taxes
Chapter 18: Business Combinations
Chapter 19: Financial Statement Analysis
*Note: In order to master each chapter you must master all practice problems and master the chapter's quiz.

Comprehensive Exam 1 Diagnostic (Chapters 1-5)

Comprehensive Exam 2 Diagnostic (Chapters 6-10)

Comprehensive Exam 3 Diagnostic (Chapters 11-15)

Comprehensive Exam 4 Diagnostic (Chapters 16-19)

Comprehensive Final Exam Diagnostic (Chapters 1-19)

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